• Company: Turkcell
  • Project Area: 43000m²
  • Start Date: 2019
  • End Date: 2020
  • Location: Çorlu
  • Certification:TIER 3
  • LEED GOLDGreen Building Certified
  • White Area:6800 m²

TURKCELL European Data Center Building

AvDC (European Data Center) Project is our new contracting business, which includes the selection, purchase, installation, testing and periodic maintenance of all technical equipment systems, and includes all the construction works that need to be done in parallel.

Turkcell Europe Data Center is located in Tekirdag province Kapaklı district Karaagac OSB and its construction started on 08.03.2019. It has a total construction area of 37,277 m². Only the 1st Module of the data center, which is designed as 3 Modules, is within the scope of the tender.

Electromechanical equipment used in the Turkcell European Data Center project has been subjected to a gradual testing process from Level-1 to Level-5. In this process, which starts with factory tests and ends with integrated system tests, quality control, specification adequacy, performances and interoperability features of all equipment were tested. In the project, balancing operations of CAV / VAV devices in the ventilation system and dynamic balancing valves in the cooling system were carried out by an independent TAD certified consultant firm. At the end of the process, Uptime TCCF tests were carried out and all tests were successfully completed without any problem record.

High-end devices have been selected in terms of efficiency. The devices/systems used during manufacturing (for example, vehicle charging stations, solar power plants, etc.) have been selected in such a way as to minimize the damage they will cause to the nature during the application period and operational life. As a result, LEED GOLD certification was obtained.

Project Images